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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simple nightwear - free sewing pattern

Cotton cloth ( any type and color you like)
Sewing needle
Sewing thread
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Tailor's chalk

The length of the front side is 4 cm shorter than the back side. ( If you choose to make a blouse of 60 cm in length then the front side is 58 cm and back side is 62 cm in length)

 After cutting front and back side of the blouse, "scan" and make 2 braces for the neckline. This is how I 

Cut 2 braces for front and back side. ( about 3 to 4 cm each )

Next, cut 2 little sleeves

After oversewing, sew the 2 braces to front and back necklines.
With hand-sew, face 2 right side of the brace and neckline up then sew with sewing machine.

Turn over then you have 2 wrong side facing, sew across near the neckline. Make this with both front and back side.

Sew shoulder lines together. Then you can sew to secure the inner of the neckline.

 Fold in the middle and sew 2 little sleeves.

Face 2 right side of the sleeve and armpit line up then sew across near the armpit line.
Sew body lines together then hemlines.

You have just finished the blouse basically. Make a pocket or a bow if you want. If you extend the length of the blouse you will get a nightgown.

For the shorts, I found many sites with good tutorials so I'd like to link back a few links here for your reference

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