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Monday, January 14, 2013

How to crochet Amigurumi with eyelash yarn - Fuzzy pop-eyed teddy

This is my first Amigurumi project with eyelash yarn and I want to share my experience about eyelash yarn crocheting here. 

crochet amigurumi with eyelash yarn

Crocheting Amigurumi with eyelash yarn is abit harder than normal. Due to the tight single crochet stitches, it is hard to see or count stitches and rounds under the "fur", so just make sure to mark them.

Besides, forming a magic ring with a strand of smooth yarn and a strand of eyelash yarn will make it hard or even stuck when you fasten off the ring. So it is much better to make chain 2 instead of magic ring, but that doesn't mean it is impossible with magic ring.
After several tries, I noticed that it's easier to form a magic ring with smooth yarn first then hold a strand of eyelash yarn together to crochet the stitches.

Plus, a big crochet hook is easier for you to see the stitches. I used 5mm crochet hook for a strand of sport weigh yarn and a strand of glitter eyelash yarn. It turned out good.

I also want to post some photos for embroidering claws tutorial here.

embroider claws

It's fun to try Amigurumi with eyelash yarn but beware, it is addictive xD

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