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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to assemble Amigurumi - Sleeping Teddy

I remember the time when I started to make Amigurumi. Overstuffing the dolls is what I did before notice that overstuff then take out a little of fiberfill would get what I want.

Besides my effort to make the stitches tight enough, to prevent the stuffing from showing. The embroidering and assembling parts were quite a challenge to me. Untill I realized I should sketch " the face" before embroidering.

embroider amigurumi

Here's a bear's muzzle part. Use any type of pen to sketch as long as it's ok for you: chalk, felt pen.... I used a pencil.

embroider amigurumi

It is much easier this way. I don't have to worry about the shape or the accuracy while embroidering. Sometimes, I make a "draft" stuffing, sketch, pull out the polyester fiberfill - my favourite fiberfill, embroider then restuff :) That's what I did with this bear's eyes.

assembling amigurumi

For assembling, pin-cheat is really helpful.  I also found a great tutorial about joining amigurumi here:

At the end of joining , I just stick the yarn needle through the other side of any part ( head, neck, arms..) then pull the yarn through it. Cut the leftover close to the surface, the end will be hidden inside. No need to weave in the end.

Making Amigurumi is a cool process, like any crafty things, it takes several attemps to get the result that you wish. But one thing for sure, it's such a pleasure to see your crocheted parts turn into a cute little thing xD

assembling amigurumi

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