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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A simple phone cozy ( no seam ) - free crochet tutorial

Very simple and fast way of crocheting a cell phone cozy for beginner.

crochet seamless phone cozy 

With your favourite hook and yarn, make a chain which abit longer than the width of phone.

Single crochet ( sc ) into 2nd chain from hook, sc across, when you reach the last chain, make 2 sc into it.
 ( This will smooth the edge )

Continue with the other side of the chain  ( crochet around the chain )

Choose your favourite stitch, sc, hdc ( half double crochet) or dc ( double crochet )... ( tight stitches will make a stiff phone case ). Keep on crocheting around  ( the number of stitches is the same in each round ), untill you reach the length of your phone.
When you reach the last round, make a chain in the middle of the back. Ater that, use yarn needle to weave in end. 

Sew a button on the front, your phone is secure now.

Adds any type of appliques on for more cuteness.

crochet seamless phone cozy
For some specific crochet stitches, wrong side or right side is hard to choose xD

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