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Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to make lively eyes for amigurumi or crochet toys

crochet childsafe eyes amigurumi
There are quite a few eye-making methods for amigurumi or crocheted toys : safety eyes ( plastic eyes ), felted eyes, embroidered eyes, or crocheted eyes. 
Safety eyes are secure with a lively look, also come in various sizes and colors but they are not recommended for babies and small kids due to choking hazard. 

Personally, I hate to see scratched plastic eyes after used for a long time. So the other options may be better, the point is...two little embroidered "black beans" is cute for small amigurumi but with big crocheted toys: felt, crochet or embroidery may make a dull look. They just can't give a lively look like those plastic eyes.
Anyway, I tried some "highlight" methods and I wish I did earlier.
Here I'd love to share my favourite way of giving a bit lively look for crocheted or felted eyes.

Felted eyes:
Simply cut felt into round or oval shape.

Then add the " highlight" factor with different felt color: white, light blue..

Make it your style! As long as they go well with your crochet toy

Crocheted eyes:
The basic pattern is made with magic ring and single crochet.

 With just a few simple fly stitches or whip stitches embroidery you can create the " highlight" .

Iris only or...

crochet childsafe eyes amigurumi

with conjunctiva.

lively eyes amigurumi

Very simple and easy. Hope you find this useful xD

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