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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wall hanging bag - free sewing pattern

A wall hanging bag is very handy and space-saving for crafters who always have many PhD ( projects half done ). Making one is quite simple when you have a sewing machine. 
I'd love to show you mine :)

wall hanging bag

Clothes hanger
Thick fabric ( denim, nylon, leather...)
Bias binding tape
Sewing machine
Measuring tape & ruler
Tailor's chalk or pencil

 Cut your thick fabric like this diagram.

Here's the order: Sew C part on B then B part on A. After that, sew bias binding tape around.

Add more decorations if you want. I got some leftover black and white felt so I made a panda face.

Satisfied? Join your finished bag and the clothes hanger with a few sewing straight lines ( make it steady )

Easy peasy! Now you have a(nother) bag to store your miscellaneous stuffs. Enjoy xD

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