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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Mad Hatter's hat - free amigurumi pattern

My Halloween project is not spooky or in style but I wanted to make this long ago... before I learnt to crochet.

crochet mad hatter hat
Does it look familiar to you? 

Materials: ( I used )
5mm crochet hook
Orange brown worsted weight yarn ( this reminds me of the hot red hair color of the character, just love it! )
Little piece of paper: wrote 10/6 on it
A little feather
Thread and needle
Yarn needle

Sc Single crochet
Ch = Chain
Sl = Slip stitch
Inc = Increase  
Dec = Decrease        
Tc = Triple crochet
Dc = Double crochet
Inc tc = 2 triple crochet in same stitch
Inc dc = 2 double crochet in same stitch
Hdc= half double crochet
Dec hdc= half double crochet 2 stitches together
Inc hdc= 2 half double crochet in same stitch

Suggestion: using join rounds technique ( Join rounds: sl into 1st stitch of each round, ch1)

Start from top of the hat.
R1: magic ring, 7 sts
R2: inc ( 7 times ), 14 sts
R3: 1 sc, inc ( 7 times ), 21 sts
R4: inc, 2 sc ( 7 times ), 28 sts
R5: 3 sc, inc ( 7 times ), 35 sts
R6: inc, 4 sc ( 7 times ), 42 sts
R7: crochet with back-loops only, sc around, 42 sts
R8: 4 sc, dec ( 7 times ), 35 sts
R9 to R18: sc around, 35 sts
R19: 1 sc, inc ( 17 times), 1 sc, total 52 sts
R20 to R24: sc around, 52 sts ( fasten off )

Cut a heart shape felt, sew on hat to make a patch. Wind a part of 
 ribbon around the hat.

Mini Mad Hatter's hat

Stick feather, pins and piece of paper on.

Mini Mad Hatter's hat

A tiny decoration xD

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