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Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Orange juice" little pajamas - free sewing pattern

Another simple and nice sewing tutorial for beginners. This free sewing pattern is perfect for spring and summer times, add a little romper taste to your sewing project and go xD.

pajamas pattern

Materials: ( I used )

Orange floral cotton fabric
Sewing machine
Thread and needle
A thin line of red lace
Elastic band (for shorts)
Tailor's chalk
Measuring tape & ruler

Note: The pattern is for all size, all you need to do is take the required measurements and draft.

Here are the diagrams for front and back sides. Draft and cut out the front and back sides of the blouse.

Use an old shorts, draft and cut out 2 pieces ( old trick ) or simply cut out 2 pieces like this diagram.

Then cut out little sleeves and shorts leg ruffles.

After all, remember to leave seam allowance when you cut.

Sewing order:
Use braces or single folded bias for necklines, attach a thin line of red lace to the front neckline ( It's optional but I used it as a focus point for the whole clothes)
Sew shoulder lines together.
Face 2 right sides of sleeve and armpit line up then sew across close to armpit line ( both sleeves ). Check out a similar tutorial here

You'll have little sleeves like the image.
Sew body lines then hemlines. ( finish the blouse )


I found it's easier to sew the ruffle parts to the end of short legs first, but you decide it.
Ruffle the ruffle parts ( match the short leg circumference ). Face 2 right sides of short leg and ruffle parts up, sew near the seam lines. Turn the right sides out then top stitch around. 
Sew leg lines, turn one short leg right side out, insert it into other leg ( right sides together ) then sew the crotch line.
Turn right sides out, cut your elastic band and make a waist band ( length ~ waist measurement ), attach to the shorts.
Sew hemlines ( finish the shorts )

Ruffle shorts legs.

Add on cute pockets or any appliques you want. Nice and comfortable little pajamas to wear.

pajamas pattern

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