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Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa ornament - free felt pattern

Felt is my 3rd favourite material for craft but I haven't posted any free felt pattern or tutorial here. Now is the time :)
Again, this is a very simple and easy felt tutorial to try, a cute ornament for your Christmas tree this holiday. If you think handmade gifts would be great for someone, this one is a good choice, too.

Santa felt ornament

Materials: ( I used )
Felt: red, white, pink
Thread and needle
Small scissors
Fiber fill
Fabric glue
Small googly eyes
Beads or glitter gel pens.
Cotton thread or ribbon ( for a hanging strand )

Sketch and cut out these felt pieces: white felt for beard, moustache and hat border, pink for face and red as main part.

Here's a diagram for you to scan and cut out:

Santa felt ornament

Place the face and beard parts on front part.

Then the hat's border. If you use hand sewing , use straight stitches for these. Machine sewing is good, too.

Place 2 main pieces together, put the hanging strand between the top of 2 pieces, thread a big round bead on the top ( optional ), sew around.
( Hand sewing: both straight stitches or blanket stitches are ok. )
Stuff as you go, use a pen to squeeze the stuffy fiber fill. Leave a small open part, stuff somemore fiber fill in.

Seam and close the open part,

Use fabric glue to attach moustache and googly eyes on. Don't have googly eyes in hand? Felt or embroider these 2 little eyes are other options. Even a black felt pen would deal with it :)
Optional: use glitter gel pens to add more cute decorations or attach a few bling bling stuffsif you want.

Suddenly thought of the red nosed reindeer - Rudolph so I added a big red bead on to make a funny nose for Santa.

Is it easy? Happy crafting xD

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