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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rainbow slouchy hat - free crochet tutorial

A fun and easy crochet project for beginner, good to play up with a unique crochet stitch and enjoy the texture.

This pattern is good to destash your leftover yarn. Collect those and whip up a funny slouch hat.

Materials: ( I used )
8 mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn: my rainbow collection
Yarn needle

Sc Single crochet
Ch = Chain
Sl = Slip stitch
Inc = Increase  
Dec = Decrease        
Tc = Triple crochet
Dc = Double crochet

Fpdc = Front post double crochet
Bpdc = Back post double crochet
Inc tc = 2 triple crochet in same stitch
Inc dc = 2 double crochet in same stitch
Hdc= half double crochet
Dec hdc= half double crochet 2 stitches together
Inc hdc= 2 half double crochet in same stitch

Note: I crocheted this hat for 12 months baby but this is a free size pattern so you can always adjust the size by decreasing or increasing the desirable length of the band and the length of hat. 

Special stitch used:  hdc drop stitch 

With white yarn,
Crochet a band of your desirable length. It's your option to choose your favorite crochet stitches for this part. Anything will work, hdc, dc, fpdc or bpdc... I picked 8mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn so my foundation band is crocheted with simple sc stitch. For the band is already loose and elastic with sc.
Ch 8, sc into 2nd chain from hook, sc across, total 7 sts
Turn, ch 1, sc across, 7 sts (repeat this step until you reach your desirable length)
sc bandseam sc band
Seam with sc to form a band

Get your colorful skeins of yarn out
rainbow yarn

With pink yarn, from any stitch of the band, crochet hdc around, sl into first st to join.
Crochet 2 more rounds of hdc, total 3 rounds of hdc.
rainbow beanie

Change to red yarn, *crochet hdc drop st around (insert hook into sts of previous crochet round ) , sl into first st to join.
hdc drop stitch

Hdc around for 2 more rounds*, total 3 rounds for each color. Continue and repeat ** untill you used all rainbow colors. Excluding the band, hat has 21 rounds in total.

The easy peasy hdc drop stitch  is described clearly in the below image.
crochet drop stitch tutorial

Finish the hat, leave long end.
Use yarn needle to thread and fasten off the top.
crochet rainbow hat
crochet rainbow slouchy
Sure fun to try and great for photo opp.
Enjoy xD

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