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Friday, March 7, 2014

Split cowl neck T-shirt - free sewing pattern

In this post I'll show a little tip to create a trendy cowl collar for your T-shirt. It's an easy add-on collar, a split cowl collar with different type of fabric or color to style a little fresh look. You can refashion your old shirts this way, too.
cowl neck top, split cowl collar tee shirt

Materials: ( I used )
Cloth ( any type and color you like. I used stretch fabric )
Sewing needle
Sewing thread
Sewing machine
Measuring tape & ruler
Tailor's chalk

Note: This cowl neckline is wide with a bit chunky look. However, it's your option to create your own different size and style. For a comfortable and soft cowl collar, I recommend stretch fabric for the collar part.

Use your old T-shirt or follow this diagram to cut a new one. Visit this link for specific measurements:

cowl neckline t-shirt

(Normally, you will want to cut lower line at the front part of your T-shirt)
Take your neckline measurement carefully, then cut the cowl collar part. Its' length should fit your neckline length
cowl collar

Sew collar sidelines together, then attach to neckline. (Pin it before you sew, face 2 right sides together)

how to sew cowl collar

Finished collar should look like this
cowl collar top

 See from the back.
cowl neckline tee shirt
Enjoy xD

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