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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Spooky fun crochet wearables for Halloween

Hilarious and a bit creepy! We have cute and fast crochet pattern like spock ears to big and fab like a Viking costume. These must be great crochet projects on your list for this Halloween. 

crochet patterns for Halloween

# 1: Chameleon hat - patches by Pattern Paradise
# 2: Mad Willy hat by Red Heart
# 3: Spock ears by Croshame
# 4: Viking beard hat by Crafts by Starlight from Craft Town
# 5: Brain by Snappy Tots
# 6: Ood Ski mask by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert
# 7: Fun Wig by Posh Pooch Designs
# 8: Disguise mask by Buddy Rumi

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